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  • Because the cost of not educating Pakistan is the equivalent of one flood per year.
  • Because we have the money. 26 countries are poorer than Pakistan but are able to send more children to school.
  • Because a country cannot thrive in the modern world without educating its children. It is a fundamental right under our constitution.

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Education Emergency Acknowledges Media Support

When the March for Education Campaign was launched, exactly a month back, we asked you to help us make March the month that Pakistan talks about only two things: education and cricket and all of you did help us and are continuing to do so. Not only do we have over 150 thousand petitions signatures (and counting) we have been covered by a great number of media organizations.

Locally, all the major newspapers such as The News, Dawn, Express Tribune, Daily Times, Pakistan Today, The Nation, Nawa-i-Waqt, Business Recorder, Daily Express, Daily Ausaaf and Pakistan Observer have covered the news; have published opinion pieces and written editorial supporting the campaign. The foreign publications that have covered the campaign are Guardian, Khaleej Times, Independent, Al Jazeerah, Inter Press Services, IBN, The India, Yahoo India, Qatar Peninsula, New Kerala, India gazette, Cambodian Express and Samachar Express to name a few.

The message that we wanted to convey was that no country will ever enjoy security or robust economic growth without quality education, and the fact that education emergency in Pakistan is now a threat to country’s survival. Pakistani government has to get its priorities right and needs to set aside a decent percentage of its GDP, a minimum of 4 percent for education. Pouring money into education is the only way to achieve its long-term security and the best antidote to terror. The case for education has been made, now the political leadership needs to step up and take the lead.

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