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Pakistan’s Education Emergency – Time to Act Now

Pakistan is suffering an education emergency, with at least 25 million children denied their constitutional right to an education.

Few of those children who do go to school receive the quality education they need to prosper in the modern world. The economic impact of the emergency is catastrophic – billions of rupees a year – while the human cost is much greater.

Let’s join together to force Pakistan’s leaders to finally get serious about providing every child with a decent school and a committed teacher. Sign the petition to make ending the education emergency the country’s no 1 priority.

To Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Chief Ministers

We call on you to make education your number one priority in 2011 – the Year of Education – and to set out plans for giving every child their constitutional right to education. At a time of fiscal crisis, we ask you protect education budgets and to explain how, and when, they can be increased to at least 4% of GDP.

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